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How Insulation Works

Insulation within the home works by decreasing the probability of heat flow out of the house. The more effective the insulation is in preventing such heat escape from the home the more energy efficient the home is deemed to be and therefore the more the homeowner is likely to save of utility bills.

Your Expert Home Insulation Service Company Knows How Insulation Works

For one to understand how insulation in the home works they must first understand the three basic fundamentals of heat, which are convection, conduction and radiation. Convection refers to the way in which heat is able to flow though gases and liquids (which in a sense is why warm lighter air rises to the highest point of the home and the cooler dense air will stay stagnant at the lower levels). Conduction refers to the way in which heat is able to move through the materials. Radiation is the means by which radiant heat only travels in a straight line being mindful to heat anything and everything in its path.

The way that most insulation materials work these days is by slowing the flow of heat conductivity as well as hindering the convective heat flow. Radiation comes into play where radiant barriers are in place, facing the air space, that act as a reflective shield for heat energy

The way that heated air within the home works is that it flows into cooler air until the two combine at a place where there no longer exists a temperature difference. So in the extreme weather months, we’ll say winter since we are talking heat, the warm air from the heated rooms of your home will travel into those rooms where the air is cooler (i.e. attics, basements, garages and even laundry rooms. Exactly the opposite phenomenon happens in extreme warm months, i.e. summer. Where the warm air from outdoors is pulled into the home.

So in order for the home heating or cooling system to remain effective and efficient it must be able to heat (or cool) at a rate that is capable of replacing any air that is lost through cooler rooms.

Superior, Knowledgeable Home Insulation Services

Our top of the line insulation will act as a thermal barrier inside your home, inhibiting the flow of heated or cooled air outside of the home or inside of the home, respectively. We guarantee and warrant all of our high quality materials and back our insulation services with a one hundred percent (100%) satisfaction guarantee.

By having our skilled technicians replace your old or install your new insulation you can rest assured that with our guaranteed repairs and installment that your walls will now do their inherent job of keeping the warm air in during the winter months, and the cold air in during the summer months.

The effects of proper wall, ceiling or floor insulation are so beneficial that it often does not even take a full year for your service to pay for itself through huge savings on utility bills.