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Which of the materials is better, rolled or blown insulation?

Both methods have their benefits in certain situations. For an attic insulation (where most people tend to lose efficiency in their homes and thus lose money) blown insulation is far more effective, efficient and more durable. In attics, the blow insulation method tends to fill and seal far more resourcefully than rolled, as it applies a thick solid and resistant blanket to the floor, also referred to as monolithic fill.

Since rolled insulation has to conform (as best it can) to piping, electrical and duct work it often inevitably leaves spaces without insulation. Blown insulation does not have this issue where it is able to fit and contour around all obstacles and has a proven better effectiveness of thirty five to forty percent (35-40%).

Which would you recommend Fiberglass or Cellulose?

As with the installation methods, in certain situations, both have their benefits. Though we are trying to move away from Fiberglass due to its potential dangers and lack of efficiency and effectiveness as compared to Cellulose.

Cellulose insulation is proven more durable in that it lasts longer, more efficient in that it takes less to get the same effect as with Fiberglass and it has zero warnings or dangers associated with it. Therefore, we prefer Cellulose.

Is there a need to remove my old attic insulation?

Generally speaking, no. In most cases, we can simply assess the performance rating and add the necessary amount of insulation on top of the existing insulation to bring your attic up to the recommend R rating (R30 or R38). However, if there are excessive water damages, rodent infestation or fire damage it may be necessary to vacuum out or remove existing insulation.

Can our family remain in the house while the insulation is installed?

Absolutely! In fact, we guarantee a no hassle, no mess clean up. The materials we prefer to use is non-toxic, non-corrosive and even considered hypoallergenic. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and cleanliness.

Do you have any sort of guarantees?

Of course! Many, in fact. All of our work is backed by a low price guarantee, meaning that we assure you that you will not find a price better than ours locally. We also provide our customers with one hundred (100) percent satisfaction guarantee on all of our home insulation work. For added comfort, we provide our customers with written warranties to show our confidence in our work. Where all repairs, installations and labor is covered though such warranties.

We Offer So Much More than Home Insulation Service

We offer our customers so much more than a just home insulation service. We guarantee all of our work and materials, which provide our valued customers with much deserved peace of mind. By choosing Energy Defenders to properly insulate your home you are putting your trust in us to save you money, protect and keep your family comfortable, as well as giving us the opportunity to help you reduce your carbon footprint. And to show you that we appreciate your confidence in us, we offer you the lowest price guaranteed!