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Cellulose Vs Fiberglass

Over the years, many different types of home insulation have come and gone from the market. Some of which include Mineral Wool, Rock Wool, Vermiculite, Fiberglass and of course Cellulose. Some of these materials were found to be ineffective, not efficient and even worse, dangerous to the health of the home owner and their family. Today there are two forms of home insulation that stand strong: Cellulose and Fiberglass. Of the two forms of insulation that are currently available one, Cellulose, is only available in a blown form; where Fiberglass can be installed in a rolled form or blown.


Cellulose VS Fiberglass. Which Is Best For Your Home

We have our opinions about which material is best for particular homes, but more often than not will recommend Cellulose to our customers. The reasoning behind this is that over the years we have found that blown Cellulose (blown being the only available form) is the most efficient, it is more effective in most all situations, it is safer for the homeowner and their family, and it is more durable or will last longer.

You need to use less Cellulose to get the same result as with the Fiberglass (be it rolled or blown). Example: an R-30 performance rating requires only about eight (8) inches of Cellulose, where it requires at least twelve (12) inches of Fiberglass. Cellulose’s safety has been approved and tested by OSHA, the Underwriters Laboratory (UL Label), as well as the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Additionally, it is treated with borate which repels rodents and insects, as well as resists mold and mildew.

Fiberglass insulation, be it rolled or blown, has many hazards and warnings associated with it due to the fact that it is composed of tiny sharp and rigid glass particles. The use of Fiberglass insulation has specific dangers reported that related to severe upper respiratory irritation (due to inhalation) and a potential risk of cancer, among many other illnesses that may be associated with the Fiberglass particles. Buyer beware: a lot of hired workers will charge extra if they find that they have to work in an attic that is insulated with Fiberglass due to the extreme “itch” they will suffer.

We urge all of our customers to ask us any questions they may have in regards to Cellulose VS Fiberglass, as well as to do research before making their selection. All Energy Defenders customers can depend on our honest and educated recommendation on the best material for your home insulation needs.

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Feel good about choosing to properly insulate your home as not only will it save you money (potentially thousands in the end with our competitive prices) but you can also feel good about reducing your carbon footprint.

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