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sound proofingEnergy Defenders Home Insulation has been up and running for over fifty years and throughout three generations. Locally, owned and operated, we proudly contribute to the economy, environment, and ultimately our community. Since 1959, Energy Defenders Home Insulation has been the solution for all of the sound proofing needs of both residents and commercial buildings. The pride and integrity that uphold our services is both honest and professional. We value customer input and stand behind our services, warranties, and hospitality.

A Full Service Sound Proofing Service Company that Truly Cares

We value our community and those who reside in it. We respect the environment and take the extra step to make sure that all of our products and services also are respectful of the environment and our community members. We provide full service insulation injection into empty cavities to provide sound proofing solutions to our customers. Our work is 100% guaranteed and under warranty. We provide an adequate and reasonable quote upon calling, we also will venture out to the home to inspect if you are unsure whether or not insulation is present. Our work ends when our customers are completely satisfied with their sound proofing solution.

Expert Advice from a Sound Proofing Service Company

When you are experiencing noise through a wall that was previously thought to be sound proofed, Energy Defenders Home Insulation can become your solution. However, you should know a few things. We cannot remove any insulation already in place within your walls. We can, however, send in a contractor to remove it or you can choose to hire one privately. Once the walls are empty, or become an empty cavity, we will be able to inject the sound proofing insulation into them. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will return, until you are. We know our walls and we take pride in customer satisfaction.

Sound Proofing Solutions are Just a Phone Call Away

We take pride on servicing Los Angeles, Orange, and the surrounding counties with expedited services in sound proofing and wall insulation. Here at Energy Defenders Home Insulation, we send professionally trained and accredited technicians to your location that are prepared for the job. Our trucks hold all of the equipment and products necessary to commit to great services and to get the job done right the first time. We do not waste time and work diligently on each task until the customer is satisfied. Sound proofing solutions should not stress you out, if you’re experiencing difficulties with your insulation and wish to check on a quote, give us a call today.

Contact Us for Reliable and Efficient Sound Proofing Injections

Many insulation companies offer to blow in insulation, or inject it, into your walls. The insulation that they are injecting may or may not be sound proof and once the job is done, they move on to the next person without looking back. Energy Defenders Home Insulation is unlike the other insulation companies in Los Angeles, we take pride in our customers and do not take their kindness for granted. We will complete the job and return upon requisition if the job is not considered satisfactory. We are reliable and ready to tend any emergency calls that come in. We are here, ready and waiting to sound proof your residence or business. Call Energy Defenders Home Insulation today for a free quote!

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