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New Construction

At Energy Defenders, our specialty is retrofitting older homes, which refers to bringing the existing home’s insulation up to the recommended performance rate, which is generally R-30 to R-38.

The top of the line equipment that all of our service trucks carry together with our skilled professionals have the knowledge and proficiencies necessary to handle any job that comes about within retrofitting, which can at times prove to be quite difficult. We are outfitted as such that no job is too big and no job is too small. Our efforts are solely focused on home insulation and we feel that this gives us a distinct advantage over other home insulation companies that do a wide array of ‘home fixes.’ Because we are dedicated to concentrating our efforts only to home insulation, we have been able to master the art and are proud to say that there is no job that we cannot handle.

We have recently added to our repertoire new home/open framing construction, which still carries on our focus of pure home insulation, only we have extended our specialty to also include new homes.

How We Handle New Construction And Open Framing Projects

In new home construction or open framing construction, blown cellulose is our preferred method and material of choice. The ideal installation waits until the framing and drywall has been installed, to insulate the attic. Each situation is different and depending on certain factors, we may suggest rolled insulation in the walls and the floors, but always recommend blown cellulose for attic insulations. The use of the blown cellulose results in a thick blanket that adequately covers every nook and cranny, as it is not necessary to cut it down in order to conform it around ventilation or ductwork. This blanket results in an insulation job that is free from any sort of gaps or shortcomings. The ultimate result is an insulated attic that will prove to be more durable (lasting significantly longer than rolled fiberglass), immensely more effective and efficient, and that is virtually rodent and insect proof, not to mention does not have the itchy side effects of fiber glass and that does not come attached to any sort of health warning risks (as does fiberglass insulation).

Your Dependable Home Insulation Service Company

All of our clients can rest assured that we make every effort possible to save you and your family as much money as we can, while still managing to provide you with unmatched products and services as well as unbeatable prices.

With the various rebates and federal tax credits on top of our already everyday lowest price guarantee, our clients can be sure that we will deliver them the best prices available on the market!

We have so much confidence in our knowledgeable and professional team that we even go so far as to guarantee all of our work for our customers! We provide all of our customers (no matter the size of the job, where no job is too small) with written warranties and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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