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Insulation-RemovalWe have a lot of customers reach out to us with regards to re-insulating their attic to bring it up to an acceptable performance rating of at least an R-30 rating, and the majority of these customers tend to have significant concern about the removal of old insulation. As a valued customer of Energy Defenders, know that we will never force unnecessary services on you. Nine times out of ten, old insulation removal is far from necessary.

The only time that we ever recommend old insulation removal, which is a rare occasion, is in the instance of severe rodent infestation, fire or water damage.

Complete Home Service Which Includes Insulation Removal

In the instance we do need to removal old or existing insulation, which as we mentioned is rare, our team is equipped and ready to assist and further meet your every complete home insulation need.

If the situation does arise where we feel that it is necessary for our valued client’s health needs, as well as to contribute to the effectiveness of our insulation addition to your attic to remove old or existing insulation we guarantee a no mess clean up. The existing insulation will be rolled and bagged in the attic in a neat manner and then carefully removed from your home.

If the existing or old insulation in your attic is blown, a different removal technique will be necessary. In this rare instance, we will use a vacuum that is situated outside the home to create negative pressure, which results in all of the existing insulation material to be sucked out of the house with minimal debris left behind. If it is deemed necessary that your home requires a vacuum removal of the old or existing insulation material such a process will require a lengthy process, of which is quite labor intensive and could take us up to a week to complete.

insulation removalFor Exceptional Home Insulation Service You Can Trust-Call the Professionals!

In most cases, bringing your home up to an adequate performance rating of at least R-30 will be a smooth and easy process. Where we simply added new insulation material over your existing to bring the rating up to a sufficient performance. The preferred method of doing this is the blown method where it results in a blanket of insulation that is up to thirty to forty (30-40) percent more effective than rolled.

Covering the old material has no health consequences for the family, as it is quite simply just old material and does not contain any type of substance that would pose a health risk to our valued clients.

Our knowledgeable and seasoned staff will arrive at your home the morning your service is scheduled with professional identification and professional attire ready to handle anything loop your attic throws them for in a quick and efficient manner.

Our technicians will service your home in a sanitary and operative manner where no job is too big and no house is too small!

Because all of our services are backed with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and we warrant all of our work and materials you can rest assured that you will receive the quality home insulation your home requires at the guaranteed lowest price that you deserve!

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