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Over the years, many different types of insulation and methods by which to install such insulation have made their appearance in the market only to eventually fade away, ultimately becoming obsolete to the next big insulation trend. However, two particular insulation materials have come and yet to fade, these are the two most common types of insulation materials used in insulation residential properties, they are Cellulose and Fiberglass.

Your Expert Home Insulation Service Company

We at Energy Defenders know all that there is to know about the home insulation business, we would even go so far as to call ourselves experts and we have strong confidence that our past customers would nothing short of agree with us. Due to our expertise and our extensive knowledge of home insulation materials, we choose to only offer the two that we feel are the best available options for our customers, Cellulose and Fiberglass.

So what are Cellulose and Fiberglass, you may be wondering. We are here to give you a brief info session.

Both Cellulose and Fiberglass each have uses that are particularly better suited for one over the other. We, however, prefer to use Cellulose on our client’s homes. There are many reasons for this, but most importantly, it is due to our civil duty to keep our customers and their families safe. Since there are no dangers or warnings associated with the use of Cellulose in home insulation and there are many with the use of Fiberglass, we thus feel more comfortable exposing our clients to an insulation material that we are one hundred percent confident will not harm them or their families in any way.

In addition, we prefer Cellulose over the other popular insulation material, Fiberglass, because study after study has found that Cellulose is more durable (in that it will last significantly longer than Fiberglass), it is more effective in doing what insulation materials are supposed to do (keep the warm air in during the winter months and the cool air in during the summer months), and it is more efficient at doing its inherent job (using the laws of convection, conduction and radiation to keep a home warm when necessary and cool when desired).

Home Service And Insulation Materials You Can Trust

It is our job to provide our customer with the best possible service, at the best possible price and in the safest manner possible. That is why we choose to use the insulation materials that we do, we offer our clients unbeatable prices. All of our team members arrive at our client’s homes presenting themselves with professional identification and dressed in professional attire.

All of our insulation materials are backed by our services and parts (or materials) guarantee, as well as our one hundred percent (100 %) satisfaction guarantee. It is with our most profound efforts that we will keep you and your family safe through our insulation materials selection, whilst still managing to save you money on your bottom line, as well as making your home a more comfortable place to live!

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