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floor insulationIt happens time and time again that we have customers reach out to us concerned about the insulation in their floors, claiming that the frigid air from outside is entering their home through the floors due to the lack of quality insulation. More often than not though it turns out that this is not, in fact, the problem, but rather that the hot air is escaping through the poorly insulated and sealed attic. It is important for our clients to remember that it is hardly ever an issue of cold air coming into the house, but rather an issue of the warm air that is inside the house leaking out through an adequately sealed and insulated attic. Though the floors seem cold to the touch, which we have no doubt that they are, this is not due to cold air coming through the floors, instead it is a result of cool air from the interior of the house reflecting off of the floors (due to hot or warm air escaping through the attic).

Home Insulation Service from the Experts

Our knowledgeable team members have extensive training on what warning signs to look for with regards to non-insulated flooring as well as improperly insulated attics.

They will, with a professional attitude and in a professional manner, assess the situation at hand in your home by testing certain key factors within the floor as well as within the attic. Generally speaking, if you are having problems in your home with cold flooring and you are convinced that it is due to lack of insulation, odds are that it is probably a poorly insulated attic. The reason being that one of the most common signs of a poorly insulated attic is an over cool or chilly feeling in the home, frequently felt through the flooring. This is because one, you are touching the floor, two the loss of heat escaping through the poorly insulated attic is resulting in an over chilly feeling in the home (where a properly insulated attic reflects a warmer and more cozy atmosphere), and three it is this ‘chilly’ air that is reflecting off of the flooring cause the sensation of a cool drafty home.

A Home Floor Insulation Service Company That You Can Trust

Adding insulation to flooring can be a big job, not to mention an expensive one. Since, it is in our experience that we have found that if a customer is complaining of cool home flooring it is not the floors themselves but rather more often an improperly insulated attic or lack of insulation within the walls. That being said our team is dedicated to saving you money and giving you the lowest price guaranteed and so we will often explore these other options prior to moving onto the floors.

It is our mission to make your home as energy efficient as possible allowing you to increase your bottom line through immense savings due to our unbeatable prices, whilst managing to earn, gain and keep your trust. In an added effort to increase your confidence in us we back all of our repairs, labor and materials with warranties, of which we provide you with a written copy. Additionally, we stand by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


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