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ceiling insulation3Not all homes have attics. For those that do not and even for some that do, there may be a need for ceiling insulation. Insulation is necessary anywhere in the home that has a wall or ceiling that is exposed to the outside elements. This includes basement ceilings, or floors over a basement or crawl space; floors for rooms directly above unheated garages; cathedral ceilings; homes that have attics that are not insulated (where the attic should always be insulated); and homes that have no attic but rather a roof that is flat.

We Specialize in Home Ceiling Insulation

In most cases, ceilings in homes are comprised of two by twelve (2 X 12) wood framing and drywall. In the way that the ceiling is constructed it is almost like a horizontal wall if you will and just like walls, ceilings need to be insulated.

In some homes, particularly those that were built from 1970 and beyond generally have ceilings throughout the home that are lined with fiberglass insulation. If this is the case and the ceiling requires additional insulation we will not be able to inject cellulose directly on top of the fiberglass insulation, but rather this situation will require removal of the existing fiberglass to be able to properly insulate the ceilings.

We are specialists in the home insulation arena however, and therefore are happy to help you and your family save money and be comfortable through re-configuring your ceiling insulation. After all, no job is too big!

ceiling insulation1Let Us Help You with Your Ceiling Insulation

There are a few reasons behind insulating your ceilings, the two most popular being noise reduction and heat or cold air retention. For any ceiling that is exposed to the outside elements (such as a flat roofed home ceiling, or the ceiling in an unheated garage) will result in a very inefficient home heating or cooling system.

Before we will be able to complete the job of insulating your ceilings throughout your home, we will need to first assess the situation by checking to be sure that they are not already filled with rolled fiberglass insulation.

The method by which we will go about checking to see if there is existing fiberglass insulation present (or even by all means feel free to check yourself) is to find an inconspicuous spot in the home, perhaps the back of a closet or under a sink, and make a small hole through the drywall. You can do this with a screwdriver, drill bit or even a knife just as long as you take care to make sure that the hole is large enough to see through. Another way is to remove a light switch plate and look up, down, to the left or right if there is insulation you will see it. It is generally pink or yellow and resembles cotton candy.

Why You Should Make Us Your Ceiling Insulation Installation Service Crew

By properly insulating your ceilings not only will you benefit from the noise reduction between levels, but also for ceilings that are exposed to the elements in some way the added protection of insulation will result in huge utility savings as your home heating and cooling system become more efficient. Use Energy Defenders to insulate your ceilings because we:

  • Include warranties on all of our materialĀ and labor
  • Guarantee our installation and repairs
  • Provide written proof of all of our guarantees
  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Offer the lowest price guarantee

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