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Insulation Materials

insulation removal
Over the years, many different types of insulation and methods by which to install such insulation have made their appearance in the market only to eventually fade away, ultimately becoming obsolete to the next big insulation trend. However, two particular insulation materials have come and yet to fade, these are the two most common types of insulation materials used in insulation residential prop...
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Sound Proofing

sound proofing
Energy Defenders Home Insulation has been up and running for over fifty years and throughout three generations. Locally, owned and operated, we proudly contribute to the economy, environment, and ultimately our community. Since 1959, Energy Defenders Home Insulation has been the solution for all of the sound proofing needs of both residents and commercial buildings. The pride and integrity that up...
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New Construction

ceiling insulation3
At Energy Defenders, our specialty is retrofitting older homes, which refers to bringing the existing home's insulation up to the recommended performance rate, which is generally R-30 to R-38. The top of the line equipment that all of our service trucks carry together with our skilled professionals have the knowledge and proficiencies necessary to handle any job that comes about within retrofit...
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Insulation Removal

We have a lot of customers reach out to us with regards to re-insulating their attic to bring it up to an acceptable performance rating of at least an R-30 rating, and the majority of these customers tend to have significant concern about the removal of old insulation. As a valued customer of Energy Defenders, know that we will never force unnecessary services on you. Nine times out of ten, old in...
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Floor Insulation

floor insulation
It happens time and time again that we have customers reach out to us concerned about the insulation in their floors, claiming that the frigid air from outside is entering their home through the floors due to the lack of quality insulation. More often than not though it turns out that this is not, in fact, the problem, but rather that the hot air is escaping through the poorly insulated and sealed...
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Wall Insulation

wall insulation2
Outstanding Wall-Insulation Services for Your Winterization AND Summerization! Several homes that were built before the 1970s have little to no insulation in them. Some of these homes may have walls that are completely empty. Energy Defenders Home Insulation has the solution for your insulation needs. Whether it be a wall inside the home or the one connecting the garage to the home, we can help i...
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Ceiling Insulation

ceiling insulation1
Not all homes have attics. For those that do not and even for some that do, there may be a need for ceiling insulation. Insulation is necessary anywhere in the home that has a wall or ceiling that is exposed to the outside elements. This includes basement ceilings, or floors over a basement or crawl space; floors for rooms directly above unheated garages; cathedral ceilings; homes that have attics...
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Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is very important to maintaining a comfortable home as well as in saving money on your utility bills. Where it plays a key role year round in the regulation of temperature in your home. During the winter seasons, proper insulation will keep the cool air out and the more desirable warm air inside your home. Likewise, in the summer time months a properly insulated attic will keep th...
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