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Our Guarantee

We pride ourselves in our continued efforts to gain our customers trust and provide them with the best quality materials at the only the most unbeatable prices. Our team is comprised of skilled and seasoned professionals of which we have the utmost confidence in their every service job. That is why we guarantee all of their work and warranty all of our used materials. This way our customers can rest easy at night knowing that they received high quality care at the most affordable price!

A Home Insulation Service Company that You Can Trust

If we did not have the highest confidence and faith in our product Merchandisers and our trained expert technicians, we would certainly not extend such reassurances to our clients. But because we have no doubt in our minds that our service is unmatched and our prices are unbeatable, we therefore offer our valued customers peace of mind on any service that we perform for them, where no job is too small!

All of our insulation materials are guaranteed through our trusted products manufacturer where all materials come with a lifetime warranty. Our specially selected insulation materials are guaranteed for a lifetime to remain non-toxic to our respected customers and their families as well as remain non-flammable.

We further reassure our customers by backing all of our service work through one hundred percent (100 %) satisfaction guarantee. All of our work we warrant and stand beside, as we have the greatest confidence in our team and our selected products. For added peace of mind, we guarantee all of our services and work through written warranties that we provide to each and every customer, regardless of the size of the job. Where no job is too big and no job is too small! The warrantied work includes any and all repairs, labors and materials.

Furthermore, we also guarantee the effectiveness of blown cellulose in attic insulations where we guarantee our customers that insulation will never pack or settle and thus will never lose its ability to be thirty to forty (30-40) times more effective than fiberglass.

A Home Insulation Service Company You Can Have Faith In

With all of the added reassurances that come along with using Energy Defenders it should be made quite apparent that we are the home insulation service company created to meet your every need.

Feel good about your home insulation additions in that in most all cases that service pays itself off with the first year solely in utility bill savings. This does not even include the federal tax credits for improving your home’s energy efficiency and further does not include rebate offers that we and our product Merchandisers extend to our valued customers.

Our team is licensed, bonded and insured and we back every job that we complete. We stand by our work and our team and treat our customers as our own families where our ultimate goal is to provide them with the best quality services at the most unbeatable prices!