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Attic Insulation

attic insulation1Attic insulation is very important to maintaining a comfortable home as well as in saving money on your utility bills. Where it plays a key role year round in the regulation of temperature in your home. During the winter seasons, proper insulation will keep the cool air out and the more desirable warm air inside your home. Likewise, in the summer time months a properly insulated attic will keep the hot, moist air out and the expensive cool air in.

An Attic Insulation Company that Values its Customers

Due to the respect and value, we feel for our customers, when it comes to insulating your attic, we at Energy Defenders leave the decision entirely up to you concerning the material you wish to choose in an effort to protect your home. Additionally, we warranty all of our parts and labor, regardless of whether or not it is the service or product that we recommended to you; and all installations are guaranteed with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee provided to you in writing.

attic insulation2We recommend to all of our customers the use of blown cellulose also referred to as blown fiberglass, as opposed to rolled fiberglass. The reason behind such a recommendation is due to the highly more effective capabilities of the blown fiberglass, it is also more efficient and significantly more durable, not to mention safer for your family. For more information regarding the rolled fiberglass versus the blown fiberglass, view our FAQ page.

Complete Home Insulation Service from Your Knowledgeable Friends at Energy Defenders

Our team is licensed, bonded and insured and armed with the professional knowledge to not only answer your every question but also to handle any job. Where no job is too big and certainly, no job is too small! Our team members will gladly walk you through the process of insulating your attic all the while giving you a play by play on why certain aspects are important. For instance, we have found that many of our customers believe that their attics are properly insulated, however upon further inspection (with one of our knowledgeable and trusted team members) it is revealed to them (more often than not) that their attic is not in fact adequately insulated.

We test this by checking the performance rating in the attic insulation, where a properly insulated attic will register a performance rating of at least an R-30. Where the “R” in “R value” stands for resistance and the greater number the resistance the thicker and thus more effective the insulation. Our knowledgeable team can demonstrate and further explain to you, the customer, how to achieve a sufficient rating as well as the importance of such a rating. As well as the most cost effective, and efficient way to get you there, which is generally through blown cellulose. Rolled fiberglass requires a minimum of twelve (12) inches to register an R-30 performance rating, where cellulose requires only eight (8) inches.

A Home Insulation Service that Cares About Your Bottom Line

Our unmatched competitive pricing at Energy Defenders helps you save big on necessary home insulation services that benefit your family and the environment. Such services as proper attic insulation is required to help you save in the long run, as well as necessary to keep your family comfortable during extreme weather months. Installing sufficient attic home insulation should be looked at as an investment as it will likely pay for itself within the first year on utility savings alone. Call to schedule your attic insulation evaluation and start saving today!